As one of the branches of Management, the major, Logistics Management is mainly about the logistical routines of the enterprises and the theory of management based on the theory of system, information and cybernetics. In the course of social reproduction, the routine of logistics, the basic principle and the scientific methods of applying management are involved. The purpose of the program is to plan, organize, direct, adjust, control and inspect the logistical activities, which will lead to a perfect coordination and cooperation among the different kinds of logistical activities, reduced cost, high economic efficiency in logistics industry.


1. Students will be fostered to have the four qualities, all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetics.

2. Students should be required to grasp the basic theory relevant to Economics and Management and be familiar with the methods and technology in modern logistic management.

3. Students should be familiar with the procedure of logistical activity in production and managing of an enterprise, and have the practical ability in logistical operation as well, such as the ability to design or cope with the supply chain in the course of production, circulation, trading, and logistics, and to optimize logistical management.

Core curriculum:

1. Supply Chain Management, Transportation Management, Warehouse &Distribution Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management.

2. Management and Administration of Logistical Enterprises, Analysis and Design of Logistics System.

3. International Trade Theory and Practice, International Freight Forwarder Theory and Practice


1. The students in this major will be given priority to the cultivation of their personality, employability, or career development ability.

2. The teaching principle is “school-enterprise cooperation”, “Unity in study and work”, and “double-certificate system”.

3. The curriculum system will be a combination of the professional quality, basis, ability and development.

Future Outlook:

With the rapid transformation of Chinese economy, Chinese logistical section has been a member of the world logistical industry which is multi-nationalized, upsized, and networked. In addition, with the rapid development of e-commerce, people have much higher expectation for the quality of logistics. Chinese logistical industry has come to a critical period of scaling up and promoting quality. Every logistics enterprise is attaching more and more importance on the improving of employees’ professional quality, which has brought more development opportunities for Chinese logistics industry. The students majored Logistics Management will have a promising prospect.