With its enrollment from 2005, the four-year’s major of Marketing Management is one of the earliest established ones in Qingdao Binhai University. Apart from the two independent labs, the comprehensive practical training lab and the entrepreneurship training lab, which are the two independent ones belonging only to marketing, there are three other labs: data analysis lab, sandbox lab for UFIDA ERP and ERP lab, which are three resource-sharing labs on campus. Through learning the basic theory, practicing the cases, imitating the situations and practical operating, students should be given priority to their practical ability.


1. With the purpose of meeting the needs of modern marketing economy, students in this major should be good at professional knowledge and have the quality of honesty as well.

2. The students should be supposed to master the basic theory in Modern economics, Marketing, and Management science as well as the professional skills.

3. Students majored in Marketing Management should have the ability to discover, analyze and solve the practical problems about Marketing with the relevant knowledge they have learned.

Core curriculum:

1.      Management science

2.      Marketing

3.      Micro-economics

4.      Macro-economics

5.      Economy statistics


1.      This major, based on the cultivation of the professional quality and the professional skills of the students, highlights its practical training and bilingual teaching.

2.      Through the school-enterprise cooperation, the students’ comprehensive ability of application will be improved with the help of the platform of the simulation training labs on campus and the training base outside school.

3.      The students in this major will be encouraged and directed to obtain their vocational certificates or participate in a variety of competition about marketing skills in order to improve their innovation and application-oriented ability.

Future Outlook:

Since this major is one of the comparatively practical one in Economic Management area, and the marketers are indispensable in all kinds of vocations or enterprises, there are still many vacancies for the graduates from this major and in a long period, the job prospects of graduates will be optimistic.