The major of Hotel Management was set up in 2014. To meet the needs of starred hotel development, this is designed to develop students’ skills to own the basic theory and knowledge for modern hotel operation and management, and to be practical management talents to master a certain professional experience in the starred hotel. Currently, thirty-eight students were admitted in 2014, and one hundred students in 2015.


To meet the demand of modern hotel development, students can master the basic theory and basic knowledge for the industry of hotel, know well the effective strategy of operation and management in starred hotel with a certain professional qualities as well as innovation, creative ability. Graduates majored in Hotel Management, the application-oriented talent with international vision, can get an offer of a better position in the service sector, such as travel agency, high-grade clubs, cruise, hotel and even government administrative department.


1.Restaurant Service and Management, Reception $ housekeeping Service and Management, Hotel Etiquette, Hotel Service English, Hotel conference Service and Management, Information System for Hotel Management.

2. Hotel Marketing, Hotel Psychology, Hotel Laws and Regulations, Human Resource Management for Hotel Industry, Hotel Warehouse and Purchasing Management, Organizational Behavior, Management Accounting, Hotel Financial Management.


   “Lausanne mode” used in China, four-step training methods means practice first-theory infusion-knowledge & ability perfection- profession quality improvement.

With the target to cultivate management personnel in the starred hotel, curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills training to meet the demand of the development of modern hotels. Based on practical trainings in Binhai practical hotel and other starred hotels, professional experience and insight understanding serve as the leading contents and courses follow up which lay stress on theoretical study and practical trainings to help students to work in the starred hotel with sustainable development ability, professional attitude and qualification.

Future Outlook:

To carry out “Lausanne mode” effectively, Binhai University increases investment to build five-star hotel, International Academic Exchange Center, expected to put into use in October, 2016. It will upgrade school practical training condition, and offer a strong support to cultivate applied talents majored in Hotel Management.