The civil engineering specialty was set up in the year of 2007. With the thoughts of “Based in Qingdao, facing Shandong, relying on construction industry and serving urbanization”, the specialty is designed to cultivate application talents with supervising and planning ability in construction management, who are well-round in moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetical development, mastering the basic theory and knowledge of the civil engineering subject, receiving elementary training in engineering and technological research, and can undertake the work of technology and management in enterprises and institutes in the fields of construction and road and bridge engineering.  



This specialty aims to cultivate compound engineering application talents with all-round development of moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetics. They should meet the requirements of regional economic and social development, grasp basic theories and elementary knowledge in the specialty of civil engineering. With basic abilities in construction, management, supervision and design, these application talents can undertake work in fields of construction and road and bridge engineering.  


 Core Curriculum

Civil engineering drafting & CAD, structural mechanics, building architecture, basic theory for concrete structure, steel structure, foundation engineering, project budget, civil engineering construction and detection technology, design of concrete structure and masonry structure, structural seismic, road survey and design, bridge engineering 



1.      School-Enterprise fusion: understand the development of enterprises, adjust to the talent demand of the enterprises, and train high-qualified application-oriented talents.

2.      Work-Study combination: adjust to the talent need of engineering project, unite all the constructing projects, get involved in construction, and put knowledge into practice.

3. Learn-Do integrity: adjust to the training goal of application-oriented undergraduate talent, and use the beneficial mode of field engineer practice class to develop the student’s professional ability.


Future outlook:

In the current background of massive construction, application-oriented civil engineering talents with both good academic background and three highs (high quality, high capability and high practicality) will be the backbones of the rapidly developing city construction, and play the role of mainstay.