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College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering specializes in teaching and research work. The college now has 6 undergraduate majors including metal materials engineering, mechanical engineering and automation, industrial design, industrial engineering, electrical engineering and automation, transportation as well as 5 three-year specialties including mechatronics technology, application and maintenance of CNC equipment, mold design and manufacturing, electrical automation technology, automotive technology service and marketing.  

The college has a total of 110 qualified teachers, of whom 61 are full-time teachers, 49 part-time teachers, 74 have master's degrees or doctoral degrees with a master and doctorate ratio of 67.3%, 98 have lecturer titles and above with a ratio of 89.1%. In recent years, the college hired a number of doctoral supervisors and master tutors, as well as provincial and municipal famous teacher as the academic leaders and professional leaders, which has laid a solid foundation for the construction of the disciplines of the college.  

The college has experimental teaching center, machining practice teaching center, metal material experimental teaching center and cars experiment (training) teaching centers to provide students with good school experimental training conditions. All kinds of teaching and research equipment are worth over 30 million Yuan.  

Professional discipline construction has made fruitful results with two provincial professional characteristics of existing metal materials engineering and mechatronics  metallurgy, 5 provincial-level courses such as heat treatment, CAD/CAM technology, and other 10 university-level courses such as mechanical drawing and materials, mechanics. Ministry of Education approved metal material engineering the "undergraduate teaching project", the first batch of undergraduate colleges and universities comprehensive reform program. Mechatronics Technology Group has been granted important Qingdao provincial construction of higher vocational education group.  

The college has established school-enterprise relations with more than 20 companies including Hisense Electric Co., Fukuda Lovol International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Federal-Mogul things (Qingdao) Piston Co., Ltd., Liuzhou Wuling Motors United Development Co., Ltd. Shandong Branch, and Qingdao Sailun Co., Ltd. to provide students with a stable practice base.  

In recent years, graduates initial employment rate has been maintained at high levels. Graduates with a higher overall quality and ability of engineering practice are very popular with the employers, of which many people have grown to enterprises management or technical backbones, and some have become entrepreneurs who provide a strong support for human intelligence for Qingdao and the economic development of the surrounding areas.  

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, is not only the challenging period of the development of the college, but also the strategic opportunity period of the development of it. The college will adhere to the scientific development concept to guide the work, continue to take talent training as the focus, and pay more attention to the connotation of development. It focuses on cultivating applied talents with good professional quality, strong engineering practical ability and certain innovation consciousness as the goal, advancing with the times, being pioneering and innovative, to contribute to the regional economic and social development. 


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