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College of Information Engineering, founded in 1999, is one of the time-honored teaching units. The initial name was Department of Information Engineering. After more than ten years of development, currently it has four majors for undergraduates, such as Computer Science and Technology, Network Engineering, Information Management and Information System and E-commerce. It also has six majors for three-year students, such as Computer Application Technology, Computer Network Technology, Software Technology, Computer Information Management, Graphic Information Technology and E-commerce. Computer Science and Technology is the outstanding engineer education and training project in Shandong Province. Software Technology is the higher vocational construction project in Qingdao. There are 71 staffs with 66 full-time teachers and 1,200 students.

The college focuses on regional economic and social development needs of application-oriented talents, adheres to teaching as the center, and constantly deepens the educational reform, optimizes the training model, strengthens school-enterprise cooperation. Up to now, more than 6,000 qualified graduates are working in the society.

The college attaches much importance to scientific research and has gained certain achievements. During the past three years, 54 academic papers have been published, including 8 in EI; 8 textbooks have been published; 5 provincial and over 20 university research projects were completed. "Intelligent Test System for Sprint" based on Internet of Things has taken the domestic lead. 3G mobile application project, led by Teacher Li Hongjun, has been reported many times in Qingdao Development Zone TV.

College experimental training is in excellent condition. There are 14 professional labs and more than 20 school-enterprise cooperation units. The Second Class and Science and Technology Association with 200 members covers software outsourcing, 3G mobile development, embedding, networking, electronic design, and ACM contest. During the past three years, students have won 40 awards, including CUMCM, Qilu Software Competition, the National Software Competition and other scientific and cultural competitions. 2 patents are obtained. In 2013, Science and Technology Association was awarded the Outstanding Undergraduate Technology Association in Shandong Province.

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