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School of Art and Communication was founded in 2003 with four teaching and research sections: artistic design of decoration, environmental art design, TV communication and animation. It has 44 full-time teachers and 24 part-time teachers, among whom 21 teachers are professors, accounting for 30.4 and 51 teachers have got their master’s degree or above, accounting for 75%.

With market-oriented specialty and course design, the school focuses on training and cultivating talents with both artistic thoughts and professional skills. There are six undergraduate programs: Environmental Design, Advertising, Animation, Television Broadcasting Science, Visual Communication Design and Product Design, and five three-year education programs: Artistic Design of Decoration, Environmental Art Design, Hosting and Broadcasting, Electronic Video and Audio Technology and Television Animation. Besides three art studios, two showrooms of art design products, two showrooms of students’ works, it has various training bases such as advertising workshop, animation workshop, folk art and modern design workshop, the ceramic studio, the NLE lab, photography training base, physical training room, the campus radio station, the campus television station, comprehensive training center of museum of art. At the same time the school cooperates with 18 relevant enterprises on the project type teaching and practice, which provides better training opportunities for the students. The teaching staff and students have won more than 100 national awards or prizes, over 200 provincial and municipal awards in the relevant professional contests. Through these contests and social practice, the professional skills of both teaching staff and students have been greatly enhanced.

Based on the national educational guideline and higher education law, the school has established student-centered teaching principle and adhered to the educational purpose of “serving the people and the country well”. It has been committed to cultivating application-oriented talents for the regional economic and social development. With specialty development as the lead, talent cultivation as the purpose, undergraduate teaching as the center, it has consistently carried out educational reforms and strengthened teaching management in order to fully improve the teaching quality. In accordance with the above principle, the school has established a talent cultivation mode on the basis of quality of survival, characteristic of development, moral quality education and purpose of the enhancement of practice ability. It has produced a large number of application-oriented talents with both high morality, creative spirit and practical ability to meet the demands of forefront production and service.

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