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Based on formal admissions of students from all over the country since 2011, Medical College has continuously recruited students for 5 years, and has 2 patches of graduates up to now. In the past years, in accordance with social expectations and situation of student source, Medical College has adjusted and improved major curriculum system in time with bold reforms of development aims of talents, structure of knowledge and ability, system of curriculum and others. Medical College has Nursing majors respectively for university and college students, including more than 700 students at school. Specialized Elderly Care major was set up in 2015, which was invested by Qingdao Government and devotes to develop professional talents of elderly care for Qingdao and its surrounding area as well as the society which is in great need of such kind of talents, which has exerted an increasing influence on Shandong Province and even all over China. Experimental Teaching Center of Medical College covers an area of 3600 square meters, including 19 labs for students (practical training) and 5 experiment preparation rooms and students' dressing rooms, with instruments and equipment which have a total valuation of more than 3 million, meeting requirements of students to do practical training and experiments. The college has more than 40 professional teachers, among whom 12 are professors, 12 have got Master’s degree or above. All the teachers below the age of 45 have both the teacher certification and vocational qualifications. The college particularly engages some people who have a high virtue and a glorious name from famous colleges and universities and hospitals as visiting professors to give lectures to students regularly, which not only enriches teachers' team but also ensures the teaching quality of medical education. The teachers had also written several school practical training materials by themselves while they were finishing their tasks, which catered for the needs of student experimental guide books; they took responsibility for 10 all-level projects, including 6 ongoing provincial department-level and school-level projects, which would better push the teaching quality forward. In several years, many teachers won the honorary title of prominent teacher in the school level or provincial level and gained excellent achievements more than once in all kinds of teaching activities in the school level. There are 6 clinical practice teaching hospitals for Medical College, which are top two and top three hospitals and can satisfy the demands of clinical practice. Medical College Subsidiary Hospital of Qingdao Binhai University which was approved by government and had done business officially, and the coming-built subsidiary hospital which can accommodate1500 beds had already held the opening ceremony. All these will provide favorable learning environment for students. Qingdao Binhai University initiates the ideas of administering universities by virtue and to be a better man first before to do things, which makes students have good qualities, solid theories, and powerful practical ability. The graduates of Medical College are very popular in society, the demand of which exceeds supply.


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